What People Are Saying

 I have known and admired Lorianne Speaks for the past decade and am delighted to finally be working with her! Lorianne is a seasoned administrative professional… and so much more. She’s organized beyond words, an incredibly quick study, and a natural born problem solver. I so appreciate her eye for detail as she offers insightful editing services on a range of deliverables; and recently, Lorianne proofed, finalized, and packaged a complex training project in record time. She’s currently supporting my social media efforts and is laying the foundation to manage my speaking business. In short, I can’t imagine how I got along without Lorianne until now. I can recommend her and her company's professional services without reservation!  

Julie Winkle Giulioni, Author/Speaker, Leadership & Learning Authority

I have been so fortunate to work with Lorianne over the past 16 years. She came to Career Systems at a time when we had challenges filling the needs of her position and I must say, she has been THE BEST player for the play ... always!!!! She always was on top of everything! Managing multiple demands from administrative to event coordination.  She was the voice of Career Systems ... talking with clients and prospects from around the world, representing Bev Kaye, our founder and world-known thought leader ... always with a cheerful voice, a warmth that is seldom found in an executive office ... and always delighting those she talked with.

Her ability to multi-task and manage a variety of projects at one time was remarkable. She has an inane ability to self-manage her workload and establish realistic expectations and priorities -- that is hard to find. Her long tenure and quick mind allowed her to be a central hub for historical information ... and if she didn't know the answer, she knew how to get it.

She not only supported our founder, but she supported the entire organization as the requests on the executive office from our internal resources was equally demanding. Everyone at CSI admired her and welcomed her organization, memory, and communication skills.

Ann Jordan, Vice President, Solutions Development, CSI

Lorianne was my Executive Assistant for over 15 years and performed superbly in every assignment she was given. Over the years, she covered just about every task/project one could conceive of! She was my all-around go-to person, even though I had additional staff in my office.

She is definitely an “ahead of the game” thinker. My travel schedule had me out of the office at least 50% of the time and Lorianne always made decisions that were always in my best interest when I was not available to make them. She knew my style and the responsiveness I always prided myself on. She acted as my “stand in” on many conference calls and meetings and I could always depend on her to accurately report what I had missed and to provide me with the next steps that were expected and to remind me when they were due.

Lorianne also has a superb memory. My business had dealing with multiple clients globally, and somehow Lorianne was able to recall each one, even when I gave the briefest of “can you remember” descriptions. She was also superb on the phone with all clients, staff members, and vendors who called the office.

I often needed Lorianne to apply her research skills and comfort with technology to find answers to questions that were needed for clients or for papers I was writing. She was very resourceful at finding what I needed and being able to differentiate the important from the less important thereby cutting down my own investment of time significantly.

Simply, Lorianne Speaks is a fantastic employee to have on your team!      


Beverly Kaye,  Thought Leader, Author/Speaker


Finding Lorianne has been a miracle for my company. I was tackling too many things, and  trying to do it all myself. When her team went to work handling all of my “stuff” it dramatically improved my business.

As a speaker, Coach, author or podcaster don’t go it alone, it takes an Army and Lorianne and her team are definitely the ones you want on your side.

Donnie Boivin,  Owner, Success Champion

 Success Champion Podcast