Are you a Speaker who has no time to deal with all the details?

We can support your business in the most effective manner



Are you an Author/Speaker with a small business who needs help with the day-to-day details so you can do what you do best?  

LVS Consulting Services have highly skilled and well qualified professionals who work independently and virtually to provide administrative support and specialized services such as social media management to businesses, entrepreneurs, and executives.

We work the same way a regular employee does only more efficiently, more cost effectively, and with a broader skill set! We use the most advanced technology tools and the most efficient time saving office products and work delivery methods.

No one can wear all the hats to bring a company to next level!


We now have a new package service offering to build your full speaker package!

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"Within nine months of hiring my first virtual assistant I went from making $1500 a month to 6 figures! That was because she took all the things that I was doing (that I was having to learn how to do) off my plate and I could focus my high priority activities." 

-Melanie Benson Host, Amplify Your Success Podcast


Great News! For those of you DIYers

I realize that many speakers just starting out don't have the funds to hire us full time.  So in an effort to be of value to all in our community, we will soon be offering our curated list of Conferences, Associations, and events for possible speaking opportunities.  This will only be for a short act now!

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